I am delighted to announce that I am one of the newest and proud members of Tether Tools Pro Team!

What is Tether Tools?

Tether Tools is a US based company creating innovative solutions to help photographers enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and increase safety in their workflow.

What is this Pro Team about?

This is a community of photographers from all around the world with such names as Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, Lindsay Adler and many more whose work constantly inspiring me.

Needless to say that we all prefer to use Tether Tools products as part of our workflow. I personally love my orange cable, which became an industry standard for photographers and my Case Air device that helps me crafting interior photographs with a WOW factor. There are many products available for all sorts of photographers.

I love the fact that Tether Tools, as a company, invests in education for photographers via Tether Talk blog, free workshops at photography events or the Insight & Inspirations series FREE guide that I have contributed two time already last year!

I am not an educator; however, I love to share my experience with others, which might be useful for their future and development. In the next coming month, you will see some more contributions where I share tips and hints of my latest hotel and food photography – stay tuned!

Is this a paid partnership for me?

The answer is simply – NO. However, it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge, my name with the world and test new equipment before it hits the market. A great opportunity to be part of a pro club with such names in the photography world and the chance to meet them, build relationship, maintain and grow my reputation within the photography industry.

I am super excited about the upcoming opportunities it will bring and I feel very proud to be one of their brand ambassadors!