Hospitality Environment Portraiture

Photographs in your workplace
to showcase who you truly are

Why is it important?

Standard profile picture or true personality

Your portrait photograph should demonstrate your true personality and what is your profession.

Your Linkedin profile is your CV

The plain background portrait photographs are fading away in favour of environmental portraits that seem less staged and more candid. 

Professional business portrait is a marketing tool 

Before working with you, people will investigate who you are and create expectations. Poor quality photographs will put people off, professional photographs will create a positive impression and enhance your professional life.

The environmental business portrait will help you:

Build more connections with other professionals on platforms such as LinkedIn
Create more enticing, personalized business inquiries and proposals
Enhance your personal materials, such as CV and social media channel accounts
Build trust and authority, increasing your enquiry and booking rates



Your satisfaction is my top priority 

Together, we will find how to accurately represent your personality and develop a positive first impression.

You will receive:

Re-shoots until you’re fully satisfied
I won’t leave until you say: “I love it!”
Natural retouch techniques
Less staged, more candid view (and yes, I can make you look younger!)
Discount on price
Save over 40% on price per person if you book for 10 or more people
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