Why Hart?⁣

When we set out to open our lovely property, we knew we had to listen and draw inspiration from the rich history and heritage of the area.⁣

The first recorded occupants at the address circa 1890 are the Harts, the cabinet makers.⁣

Their spirit of craftsmanship is to be found in every corner of our rooms and in every surface.⁣


I recently completed a full hotel photography project for the newly opened hotel at Shoreditch, London. The hotel is an exciting, new establishment of Hilton’s luxury brand, Curio Collection by Hilton. With 126 stylish bedrooms overlooking the Shoreditch area of London, this project was a huge undertaking and I was tasked with photographing the interiors from bedrooms to meeting rooms, before their grand opening.

I wanted the message of this luxury brand to shine through in the photos, to really show those visiting the hotel and potential customers what they stood for. So, I worked hard before the day of the shoot to really understand the brand, its message and how I could convey their message through my photographs. This forward planning and being a Hilton Brand Approved Photographer have helped me a lot to make sure all photographs are delivered in the best quality, meeting Hilton’s highest standards.

Working with the hotel

I was in contact with the hotel’s Marketing Director and his team before the photo shoot, so that we could iron out all the details and make sure we were all happy with the arrangements. They informed me that I needed to photograph nine different bedroom types, two meeting rooms, the lobby, the gym, as well as the hotel’s exterior in order to best show off the hospitality that the hotel has to offer.

The shoot

I started early on the day of the shoot with the bedrooms to make the most out of the available daylight in late November.

I needed the rooms to be ready to photo from the minute I got into them and it was quite difficult because I had to plan the photograph before even seeing the rooms, but it worked out well. I did have to make minor adjustments to some rooms, including moving bins, closing curtains and adjusting furniture, but I was able to take great pictures of each room in just one hour. For each room, I produced at least two wide angled shots of the bedroom, one shots of the bathroom, and a few close-ups. As I photographed the bedrooms I was alone, but management constantly checked on me to ensure I was OK. This was extremely beneficial because it allowed me to show them some previews to check they were as happy with the shots as I was, and we all knew we were on the right track. 

There was so much to do and I wanted to finish the interior shots by 3pm so that I had time to find the perfect location for my exterior shots. The weather conditions weren’t ideal for the exterior shot of the hotel, and the heavy traffic did not help either, so some magic had to be used in post-production.

Then, continued with the rest, including the lobby, meeting rooms and gym.


I was extremely grateful to Tether Tools for the amazing gear, which allowed me to capture the photographs exactly as I wanted them. I like to work, wherever possible, with the minimum amount of gear so that I am not hampered by bulky equipment and my set-up time is as quick as possible. This particular shoot was completed with two camera bodies, a 19mm tilt-shift and some wide angle lenses, a few prime lenses for the close-ups and with a speedlight. I was particularly grateful for my Tether Tools Case Air because it allowed me to operate my camera wirelessly from my tablet. It helped me light different parts of the bedroom separately, get the best shots of each and then merge them together into one photograph during post-production.

A very great example is below, use the slider to see the before and after image:

, Viktor Kery Photos
, Viktor Kery Photos

The photographs had to be delivered a few days after the shoot, to make sure they are all uploaded to the hotels and other third party websites before the grand opening.