Online reputation is important to help you get your brand and product out into the wider world. When working within the food and hospitality industries, images really are everything and can make a huge difference to both your sales and reputation. This is why high-quality photos are a must-have. Below we explore the reasons why you should never opt-in for low quality photos when advertising your products or services.

By quality, I do not mean pixels and sizes. I mean photographs presented the best possible way and transmit the right message to your target audience.

A photo will help sell or turn people away

When potential customers browse through your brochure or your website, they will make an instant judgement about you based on what they see. If they are bombarded with a host of low-quality photos which are not visually entertaining or interesting, then they will simply discard the brochure or click on another website. High quality photos will help sell products.

Bring your brand to life

Visually stimulating and high-quality photos will instantly bring your brand to life. If you are a restaurant and want to showcase your range of dishes, then you need high resolution images that are well lit and which are presented in an interesting way. The way the image is shot needs to convey a message and tell a story. Ultimately, it needs meaning so that it connects with the potential customer.

The quality of image represents the quality of your brand

This is the most important factor to remember when choosing images. You need to look at the image as if you were a customer, that the quality of your image will reflect the quality of your brand, product or service. If you want to be seen as a leading hotel in the current market, then you really need those high-quality photos that reflect your rooms and facilities, your pricing and your brand.

Low-quality images will cost you more

It is a huge misconception that you save money by choosing to use low-quality photos. Although the initial spend is less, and won’t make much of a dent in your budget, you will lose money over time that can only damage your business. Opt to spend a little more on high-quality photos and you will see increased interest and an increase in sales.

Good quality equals more exposure

Higher quality photos will give you more exposure. People will be more likely to talk about you and what you sell, plus you will get more clicks, helping to improve your online ranking. Both of these factors are important in promoting your brand and increasing those sales.

Experts in their field, such as hospitality, food and interior photographers, have a much better understanding of photographing your hotel or dishes in the right way than general photographers shooting portraits, weddings, pets, products, food, architectures, etc.

Pre-shooting consultation is a great way to get a clear understanding of your chosen photographer’s vision and ideas.

Use the slider below to see low-quality and high-quality photo examples.

photographs, Viktor Kery Photos
photographs, Viktor Kery Photos
photographs, Viktor Kery Photos
photographs, Viktor Kery Photos
photographs, Viktor Kery Photos
photographs, Viktor Kery Photos