Creating an appealing social media feed and website is a great way to engage customers, but it involves more than merely writing good content. Photos that show your team working behind the scenes are much more personal and can help to display your venue in the best possible light.

As we’ve shared in previous posts, images of the best cocktails and food your bar or hotel has to offer can really pique the interest of potential visitors, but they’re not enough. Let’s take a look at the benefits of behind the scene shots for your business.

1) They build a sense of trust

For many customers, being able to see where the food is made reassures them that each meal is prepared in a sleek, hygienic environment. Sharing snaps of your kitchen also suggests you’re proud of your team and the excellent working conditions they uphold. This also increases your customers’ sense of trust, as it shows you’re not afraid to offer candid insights into your business. 

2) They highlight both effort and skill 

There’s nothing wrong with stating on your website you have a high-tech kitchen and expertly trained chefs, but how do potential customers know this to be true if they can’t see this for themselves? Providing real-life tours of your kitchen isn’t really an option, but behind the scenes photos can be just as effective. A close-up shot of your head chef preparing a delicious burger or a picture of your sous chef slaving over the stove really showcase how much hard work goes into every single dish you serve. 

3. They create a sense of community 

Diners only interact with front of house staff – they never get the opportunity to meet or interact with the people who have actually made the food they’re about to enjoy. Letting your customers into the kitchen with the help of behind the scenes photos allows them to see everyone who has had a hand in making the experience at your restaurant memorable. This creates a true sense of community and is likely to encourage customers to return in the future. 

If you really want to make a personal connection with your customers, consider uploading behind the scenes photos of your kitchen to your website and social media channels. Make sure to check out our storytelling and behind the scenes photos for more inspiration.

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