Every hotel, cafe and restaurant needs to promote their services to the public. A huge part of this is showcasing their food and drinks to the world. How these images are taken is of huge importance in expressing your brand, work ethos and professionalism. This very much comes down to your choice of photographer and their expertise. Below I share why it’s important to choose the right photographer for your food business.

Not just a picture

A great photographer not only snaps a picture but knows how to tell a story. An experienced and professional food photographer can take the image of a bowl of pasta and create a story about how it was made and who will be eating it by including the herbs and tomatoes in the shot, along with a stack of plates on a rustic table. Food has its own journey and a great photographer can show this story.

Anyone can take a picture

As the saying goes, anyone can take a picture, and although this is true it takes great skill, training and experience to be able to take a great photo. Professional photographers have learned the art and craft of food photography. They know how to position food and how to stage the interior. They know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to achieving that professional shot and they have the right kit to do so.

Professional photographers know how to use light

Light plays a huge and important role in food photography. This applies to the food, ingredients, backdrop and any people who are in shot. Food is often photographed when it is cold, and the professional food photographer can use the right amount of artificial light to make the food appear hot and appetising.

Experienced and adaptable

A professional photographer knows how to think on their feet and can be fully adaptable. They are also good all rounders, as they can photograph a plate of food, a chef bringing food to the table, plus the many different ingredients that have been used to create the dish.

Images that engage with potential customers

Finally, it is important that the image connects to your potential customers. The photograph should engage with them, it should grab their attention, and it should enable them to imagine what it will taste and smell like. It should also evoke wonderful memories and make them want to try your food.

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