Planning and preparation are vital ingredients for a successful food photo shoot. Once you have agreed the day and time of the shoot with your photographer, then the preparations should begin, and the earlier the better. This includes discussing what you want photographed, your choice of dishes and props, and the atmosphere and message you wish to convey. Below we share some top tips on how you can better prepare for your food photo shoot. 

Always meet the photographer before the shoot

The first step in preparing for any food photo shoot is to meet the photographer. This is your opportunity to discuss exactly what you want to achieve on the day. The more information you share – including the location or setting – the easier it will be for the photographer to fully understand your intended outcome. 

Sharing of information

The way you share information is also of great importance. Visual information such as images of your chosen backgrounds and work surfaces, as well as a list of any ingredients and food you hope to use are incredibly valuable. A mood board can also help the photographer visualise the shot. You could cut out food images from magazines to show the photographer what you’d like them to achieve. 

Select your dishes

When the purpose of a food shoot is to photograph your best dishes, it’s important that you give the photographer a detailed list of these. This will ensure they know what to expect on the day. It’s also advantageous to tell the photographer the exact ingredients for the dishes. This will help them come up with concepts, including using selected ingredients in the background, such as basil leaves or a vine of tomatoes.

Team briefing before the shoot

There needs to be good communication between the team and photographer on the day of the shoot. This can be easily achieved with a meeting before the shoot which includes everyone who’s there on the day. If everyone knows their role and the schedule for the day, the shoot will run smoothly. 

Kitchen props to use

Props are a vital part of any food shoot, so tell your photographer what props are available to them – these can include cutlery, chopping boards, plates, bowls, glassware and tablecloths. 

Preparing the shoot in collaboration with your photographer will help it run smoothly and will ensure you capture images that showcase your amazing food perfectly.