If you are in the hospitality industry, you’ll know the value of having great photographs of your signature cocktails. But getting the perfect cocktail image isn’t straightforward, particularly if you have little to no experience in food photography. It doesn’t have to be a mountain to climb; follow these 7 simple steps to bag yourself some tasty shots that will bring the customers in.

1. Choose the right surface

You want to avoid placing your cocktail on a surface that has dust, scratches or blemishes which are likely to show up in the shot. Editing out these kinds of imperfections later is a waste of time when you can get it right from the outset with a little care and attention!

2. Have your light source, or a window, directly behind the drink

Having light shining through from behind will illuminate the contents of the glass, giving your drink a colourful glow that will tantalise your customers. Just be sure not to line the camera up in a direct line with the light source to avoid glare.

3. Use a second light source at the side of the glass

This can be achieved by shooting in a corner with windows on both walls. This secondary light source will eliminate shadows and add definition to the glass edges.

4. Make your own ice

You can create a clean look to your ice by boiling water and freezing it in tupperware, before breaking it up into blocks and chunks.

5. Pour the liquid in

Use a funnel to pour in order to avoid any spillage, or pour along the far side of the glass so that any spatter is hidden.

6. Use a bounce card to light the drink from the front

This will add a soft, subtle light to give the image a fuller look. You can also utilise mirrors to accent the sides a little.

7. Create your own condensation with a spray bottle

Condensation makes your drinks look cool and refreshing, and this trick gives you the opportunity to stylise your photos for a hint of extra professionalism.

The perfect cocktail photographs are within your grasp, and with these 7 simple steps, you can craft your own images that will have the guests coming back for more.

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