If there’s one thing that really makes your restaurant unique, it’s the chef. Sure, the staff help to keep things moving, and the venue pulls it all together, but without the chef…

The thing is that chefs spend YEARS honing their craft. Signature dishes are put together after weeks of intense trial and error; meanwhile, all other dishes need to maintain the same levels of consistency to remain popular choices on your restaurant menu!

Needless to say, your chef is the brains behind the kitchen. But, they don’t just hold a pivotal role in the food preparation; they’re also an integral part of your restaurant – maybe even the hotel story!

Let’s take a look at how you can use your chef (and other kitchen staff) profiles to showcase their passions, inspirations and flavours – and how it can help to promote your hotel!

Your Story

Your story is likely a part of your unique selling point. It defines who you are as a business, why you do what you do, what your inspiration is AND your overall ambitions. It’s a chance to explain your brand to customers in the hope that they might relate to you – or at least get inspired enough to try out the food!

A chef profile can be a great way to explore the depth of your restaurant story; most high-end establishments incorporate similar techniques in which they explain who the chef is, what inspires them, where they’re from and how they learned.

You can also use this story to appeal to your audience and encourage them to try out YOUR restaurant! Really show them that your establishment is different from your competitors and that your story sets you apart from the rest; make your customers feel as if they are a part of the story themselves.

Hospitality Portrait Photo

Creating Engaging Profiles

When it comes to profiling the chefs and other kitchen staff, there’s a lot to consider. Whilst a high-quality photo that demonstrates their ability is an essential part of it, you’ll also need to figure out how to use the image, where to post it and what to write. Make sure that you’re already very familiar with the story; if needed, there’s no harm in twisting some details to make them more relatable!

Your profiles should also include information on any of the chef’s passions or experiences that might inspire their dishes, along with their favourite flavours and primary inspirations.

Hospitality Portrait Photo

Why Stop at The Chef?

Though the chef might be one of the most important features of the kitchen, without assistant chefs, wait staff and management it would all fall apart!

You may also wish to capture portraits and profiles of other significant kitchen staff – especially sous chefs or other important figures.

Talk about their own stories, goals and ambitions and paint a picture that explains how every passion, flavour and experience comes together to create something truly unique.

Hospitality Portrait Photo

How To Market Chef Portraits

Once you’ve built up profiles of any prominent members of your kitchen staff, it’s time to market them. There’s no point in working so hard on the story if you’re not going to share it!

The easiest way to sell your chef profile is on your restaurant website and through your Instagram pages; people will already be looking here to find information about you or your restaurant, and you likely already have an assortment of food photos on your Instagram anyway.

When done correctly, chef profiles and portraits are a great way to boost your engagement. By promoting your story, you’re creating an interest and intrigue in the restaurant, making it truly irresistible!

You can also use the portraits through email marketing campaigns; especially If you’re targeting larger companies for catering events!

Hilton Wembley Chef

Environmental Chef Portraiture Photography

Along with general food photography, I’m an experienced chef profiler; I have all of the necessary skills to capture engaging, exciting photos that showcase every aspect of your restaurant.

I’ll be able to create stunning images inspired by your venue and its story, by using your chef’s passions and inspirations to add a sense of excitement – or flavour – to every picture.

If you’d like to see more of my work or if you’d like to find out just how I can help, you can find my full portfolio here.