Taking good food snaps are relatively easy, crafting excellent food photographs are often more difficult.

More than 95 million photographs are uploaded to the largest social media platform daily, of which food photos make up a huge portion. Taking food photos have never been easier, you only need a smartphone, or any kind of camera.

Crafting the right photograph that represents the unique experience, the elevating atmosphere and the state-of-art presentation requires much more than a click.

“The deliciousness of food is important, no doubt. But the presentation and the atmosphere surrounding the dining experience is the key to guest attraction, retention and long-lasting satisfaction.”
I have gathered the 3 most important reasons for you of what separates a food snap from an enticing food photograph.
  • Lighting is the key

The secret of an exceptional food photograph is the lighting, and this skill needs to be mastered. A specialist food photographer knows how to place the light(s) to present that beautiful food art at its best, to entice and stir interest to book. Most phone photos and amateur ‘snaps’ are unable to reach this level.

  • Unique, creative, and storytelling photographs that count

Everyone has access to smartphones so thousands of businesses are producing the same style of photographs that sink in with millions of similar on social media. Do you want to be one of the small ‘fishies’ competing with other restaurants in the vast pool of social media imagery, or do you want to be the shark that stands out from the rest (and gets all the attention)? It’s your choice.

  • Quality overall

We might have the most amazing food front of us, but if the correct lighting and perfect composition are lacking the photo does not contain the qualities of a good photograph. It will not captivate the viewer.

If you really want to reach more people, engage with exceptional food photographs, convert more viewers to guests; a specialist, professional food photographer is needed. 

Someone who knows exactly how the perfect food photograph can entice and allure even the most demanding ‘foodie’. Someone who doesn’t photograph ‘just’ food, but the experiences and the diversity of flavours.

A great (bad) example is below where the food looks amazing, but the photograph is lacking of any qualities. It’s simply unappealing and does not captivate the viewer of its flat light (no contrast and pale colours) and poor composition.

food photography with dining experience, Viktor Kery Photos

Here is the same dish with the perfect compositions and lighting. Do you see the difference?

food photography with dining experience, Viktor Kery Photos
food photography with dining experience, What separates average food photos from enticing food photography?, Viktor Kery Photos, Viktor Kery Photos