Professional photography is absolutely essential in today’s online world – especially when it comes to hospitality.

So many people will rely solely on pictures to determine whether they like the look of your hotel, which is why it’s extremely important to make sure that you’re showcasing high-quality shoots of your very best rooms.

A photoshoot can be an exciting time; maybe you’ve just renovated or decorated the rooms, and you’re excited to show the world. Perhaps you just felt like it’s time to update your press release!

Whatever the reason may be, in order to make the most of your time with the photographer, there are a few things you can do to prepare your hotel for photography. Let’s jump right in:

Select which rooms to photograph

As a hotel owner, we can imagine that you’re very proud of EVERY room on offer. However, there will be some rooms that will offer better photographs than others.

When it comes to selecting a room, it’s best to pick out the biggest, brightest and most spacious room. If you’re not sure which room is the best, just pick out your favourite!


Well-presented rooms

In order to effectively capture the desired ambience of any hotel room, you will need to take the time to ensure that they are well presented.

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This doesn’t just mean clean and tidy – that won’t enough! You have to go above and beyond, making sure that the room looks the best it ever has.

Steam the linen (curtains and bed!), make sure that all of the lights are functional and that the window is clean. Tuck away any loose cables along with anything else that doesn’t need to be in the shoot.

Taking the time to properly prepare the rooms will also mean that there will be significantly fewer delays; the photographer can get set up, really optimising the amount of time that you’ve booked them for, allowing you to make the most of your investment.

Plus, the better your rooms look, the more interest you’ll inevitably get!

Hart Shoreditch - Curio Collection by Hilton


Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are often a valuable hotel selling point; many professional guests will select your hotel based on the availability of a meeting room!

To harbour interest, just like with the bedrooms, you’ll need to prepare your meeting rooms to be photographed. Make sure everything is spotless, if not sparkling, and that any cables, wires or accessories are carefully hidden.

You may also want to align the table and chairs to save time when the photographer arrives!

Whilst we’re on the topic of meeting rooms, you also need to make sure that your buffet and coffee stations are fully stocked, clean and well-presented. Show a variety of different items, from drinks to snacks and condiments.

Meeting Room


Many hotels, especially larger chains, feature many different concessions or outlets; they might be in-house restaurants or larger chains, bars or even stores! Whatever outlets you have in your hotel, they represent a large part of your USP and as such, should be photographed too.

Now, outlets are typically very busy. Restaurants and bars can attract customers that aren’t even staying at the hotel!

A busy outlet is incredibly difficult to capture; the pictures might be distorted, discoloured and they just won’t accurately represent your business.

In order to capture the true feel of any concession or store you may have on-site, photographs should be taken once the outlets are closed. You won’t need to close them down especially for a photographer, potentially losing out on your well-earned money – just work around the opening hours!

Hilton Garden Inn


Lobby and recreational areas

It’s often just as important to capture the lobby along with any other recreational areas in your hotel; it’s a chance to show off the welcoming nature of your brand identity.

To really maximise the impact of your lobby pictures, you should clear your front desk of any and all clutter. Remove any post-its, notes, maps and leaflets, and ensure that any plants or flowers are fresh and watered. The cleaner the front desk is, the more professional (and inviting) your hotel will look!

If you do need to include a member of staff, you should choose somebody who is naturally photogenic – you may wish to hire a professional model instead, as not everyone will be comfortable in a picture.

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Specialist Hotel Photographer

You might be tempted to take the photos yourself or choose the cheapest photographer, though you absolutely consider a specialist hotel photographer.

A specialist will have experience in creating high-quality images, specific to the hospitality industry. They’ll know just what to do to make your hotel stand out, and will have all of the tools available to create jaw-dropping images.

If you’re interested in finding out just how I can help to capture your hotel, feel free to contact me online.