A quick look through Instagram will show you one thing: all food photos are the same! Most dishes seem to follow the exact same layout, with the same presentation and in most cases, even the same food!

Don’t fall into that trap. If you use the same style of food photos that everyone else does, you’ll never be seen – or worse, you’ll get mistaken for another business!

It’s important to approach food photography with a fresh, unique and original take: it will REALLY make you stand out, especially in a world dominated by same-same photos that have no real meaning.

The background

We’re sure you’ve seen it before: unappetising dishes arranged to look pretty against a restaurant backdrop. Minimal use of colours and a birds-eye shot of the plate allow you a brief glimpse into the unoriginality of the restaurant.

Sure, chain restaurants can get away with this; it’s what we’ve come to expect – but you’re NOT a chain restaurant.

You’re a unique business, with a great brand and a story to tell – and your pictures should share the same message.

I will always provide a custom background to fit your brand image and allow you to stand out from the crowd. As always, it will be based exclusively on your business needs, with a lot of thought going into what will work best for YOU.

food photography, Viktor Kery Photos

The props & styling

It’s weird to think that props are used in restaurant photography, but they are. Subtle yet effective, creative use of a prop can really bring out the character of any image.

Most businesses use simple props: mugs with the company logo, a simple white plate and of course a stressed-wooden table. Whilst these might have been great images in the Tumblr days, the fact is that now they’re just overdone.

As with custom backgrounds, I can provide the props that you need to have your voice heard. Clever use of props can really allow your image to speak for itself, and a prop alone is often enough to separate your business from the rest.

food photography, Viktor Kery Photos

Professional Photography

Too many people think that a cheap, I rock up and snap some shots of the food kind of “photographer” is enough to capture high-quality, engaging food photos. In order to really make the most of your food photography, you will need to hire a professional photographer who crafts purposeful photographs that actually help transmit your brand message, capture viewers. The professional photographs will inform and influence your audience to make the right decision: book table at your restaurant.


I have 10+ years of industry experience under my belt, and a high-quality portfolio that really showcases what I’m able to do. I will work alongside you to create the engaging images that your outlet, chefs, team and business deserve.

food photography, Viktor Kery Photos

Here are some examples of purposeful, engaging photographs for you

If you’re interested in hiring a professional photographer, you can easily get in touch online!