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Why you should update your exterior hotel photographs

Any good hotel will have great pictures; not only of the rooms, lobbies and concessions but of the hotel exterior, too. Guests will need to get a feel for what your hotel is like from the outside. It can help them to understand the area you’re in, as well as providing a great visual reference so that they never get lost – especially helpful for travellers in a new...

What separates average food photos from enticing food photography?

Taking good food snaps are relatively easy, crafting excellent food photographs are often more difficult. More than 95 million photographs are uploaded to the largest social media platform daily, of which food photos make up a huge portion. Taking food photos have never been easier, you only need a smartphone, or any kind of camera. Crafting the right photograph that represents the unique experience, the elevating atmosphere and the...

Choosing the right photographer for your business

Every hotel, cafe and restaurant needs to promote their services to the public. A huge part of this is showcasing their food and drinks to the world. How these images are taken is of huge importance in expressing your brand, work ethos and professionalism. This very much comes down to your choice of photographer and their expertise. Below I share why it's important to choose the right photographer for your food...

How to improve food photography with your camera

Restaurant photography is an influential way that owners and chefs can showcase their creativity and unique offerings.To really stand out from the crowd you need to catch up with the others and present high-quality photos to avoid looking cheap and to bring the very best out of your premium...

The importance of high quality photos for your business

Online reputation is important to help you get your brand and product out into the wider world. When working within the food and hospitality industries, images really are everything and can make a huge difference to both your sales and reputation. This is why high-quality photos are a must-have. Below we explore the reasons why you should never opt-in for low quality photos when advertising your products or...