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How to Choose Your Hotel Photographer

With the restrictions easing, many hotels are preparing to reopen their doors and welcome new guests. If you’ve been thinking of revamping your website or updating your advertising, you need hotel photography that wows and shows off all your hotel has to offer. But how do you go about finding and choosing your hotel photographer? Read on here to find out!...

3 Offline Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Ensure You’re Always Busy

It’s no secret that we eat with our eyes – how often have you found your mouth watering after seeing a picture of a delicious meal, even when you weren’t hungry? It makes sense, then, that we are more likely to buy food from a restaurant or café if we see pictures of their food, and it looks delicious. Of course, uploading images of your food to your site, Facebook, and Instagram pages are great ways to reach customers who already know...

How to prepare your hotel for photography

Professional photography is absolutely essential in today’s online world – especially when it comes to hospitality. So many people will rely solely on pictures to determine whether they like the look of your hotel, which is why it’s extremely important to make sure that you’re showcasing high-quality shoots of your very best...

With Love, from the Chef

If there’s one thing that really makes your restaurant unique, it’s the chef. Sure, the staff help to keep things moving, and the venue pulls it all together, but without the...

Why you should update your exterior hotel photographs

Any good hotel will have great pictures; not only of the rooms, lobbies and concessions but of the hotel exterior, too. Guests will need to get a feel for what your hotel is like from the outside. It can help them to understand the area you’re in, as well as providing a great visual reference so that they never get lost – especially helpful for travellers in a new...

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