I am Viktor Kery, your food & hotel photographer with 10+ years hospitality industry experience in operations and commercial fields in the UK and Europe.

I spent my whole career in the hospitality industry: Started as a waiter in a 5* hotel in Budapest (Grand Hotel Royal), then joined Hilton Budapest City as a conference and banqueting waiter, working on a vast variety of events from small meetings to celebrity gala dinners.

I made a life changing decision in 2010. I moved to the UK and joined the second largest Hilton hotel in Europe. I tried myself in different roles including being an Assistant C&E Ops Manager, Duty Manager then I joined the Business Development and Marketing Team. In this busy period of my life, I mastered my photography skills and jumped inside the world of hotel photography.

My extensive industry knowledge and experience puts me ahead of my competitors:

I know what guests are looking for when searching for a hotel, what challenges hotels and restaurants are facing to get more diners and how to overcome these with visual content.

My successful photographs resonate with viewers, build trust and make them believe what they see is what you offer – the exceptional experience.

Are you ready to raise your hotel’s profile and convert more viewers to guests?

  • I will create carefully crafted photographs, that sum up your brand identity, and communicate a myriad of marketing messages. 
  • I will supply well thought out photographs that catch the attention, stir the desire and entice to book the experience right away.
  • I will work with you from the beginning until you say ‘OMG I love your work!!’
  • I will become part of your team and help you prepare everything for the photo shoot: create the agenda, the moodboard, share ideas, and more.
  • I will amaze you, your team and your guests with my photographs, exceeding the brand standards.
hotel photographer, Viktor Kery Photos
hotel photographer, Viktor Kery Photos
hotel photographer, Viktor Kery Photos

Hilton Brand Approved Photographer


hotel photographer, About me, Viktor Kery Photos

Cherry Consultancy 


Cherry Consultancy is a hospitality consultancy service, which specialises in strategic marketing and the use of technology to drive covers to your restaurant.

With over 15 years experience of hospitality and customer relations; Cherry Consultancy offers a wealth of experience to build your brand, expose your menus, build partnerships and generate growth.


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