I am so proud that one of my photos is popular and sold over 100 times. It is clearly a milestone for me 🙂 I took this picture in 2016 at Hilton Manchester Deansgate. I was the photographer for a VIP award ceremony and arrived a day earlier. My room was on the 23rd floor above the city with a stunning view and floor-to-ceiling window. An opportunity for me as I have never seen that city this way. So I set my camera behind the curtain – my little 3year old daughter helped me holding it. The image is made of 11 pictures to capture the tram’s movement, light trails and city lights. It is available for sale since January 2017, and has received numerous recognitions on photo contest sites. Should you wish to have a unique, view of Manchester at Night on a large canvas, just visit my online shop or get in touch for other materials.

Can you use your mobile phone to take pictures that help to promote your service or product?

Certainly, yes. It is clearly a fact that cameras of mobile phones are getting better and better so why don’t you use it to capture moments and products that would help your business? First of all, you should not expect high-quality professional photos that would go with large prints, but you may definitely use it for social media. Here are some areas you can use your mobile phone with sample images taken by me. These images have never reached my computer for post-production.     Food & Drink     Lifestyle & Editorial       Conference and Events setup       Exterior     How to do it? You don’t need the newest mobile phone, but nice to have it. Here are my tips for each above-listed categories. Turn the grid on – This will help you keep photos vertical or horizontal. Go to your camera’s settings and turn it on. Get the right angle – Allow a few minutes to explore and try different angle how your photo will look like. For food photos, you can try around 45 degree or overhead shot. Burst Shoot – Use this feature to capture every movement. Later, you can choose […]

Menu tasting photographed on a mobile phone – Challenge accepted!

The National Seafood Week is coming soon; so I was asked to take some photos of the new dishes at the hotel’s restaurant where I work, plus a few other dishes. Unfortunately, I had no equipment with me at all, so all the photos were taken on my mobile phone. I really hoped that I would manage to get something exciting out of the camera at the end. The tasting is usually during closed hours, so the restaurant was dark and empty, all images were taken in the Kitchen. These pictures are good to use on social media at least. But on the other hand, by putting the dish in a different environment from the usual `food at the table` may add some more interest.

Meringue nest with berries – bring the summer back

Often associated with the French, Swiss and Italian cuisine, fairly easy to make. If you want to cheat or have no time or skills (just like me) to make one, you can go and buy some at any stores. We filled up with strawberry filling, but it is really up to you what flavour you prefer. Add some berries on the top, decorate with some mint leaves, and ready to eat. For the second one, we made some blackberry preserves and used that as filling. We enjoyed it 🙂  

Restaurant food photo shooting for a contest

I was asked to help one of the Chefs at Hilton Gatwick’s premium dining restaurant for a food photo contest with given plates – sponsored by Steelite International. We had three dishes, a starter, a main course and a dessert. Chef decided to go for Grilled Asparagus with Cornish cured ham, Pan roasted cod with celeriac parmesan croquette, and English strawberry Eton Mess. The focus was on both the plates and the dishes. We started with the salad; he finished the plating on the table avoiding any movement of the ingredients. The aim was to make it look like a flower pot in a bowl. For the main course, again, was finished on the table and the sauce was poured while I photographed the dish. This time, the cod was not cooked thoroughly, we went for the look only. Everything else was perfectly cooked as it should be. Dessert was quite challenging, we had a bowl again, that just did not fit in this dish, but we decided to go for an action shot as we break the meringue. I hope you like the images, though!